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America’s support for Ukraine raises more questions than answers


Why is the US using every opportunity to arm Ukraine to the teeth instead of investing in the UN-led diplomatic endeavour to bring an end to a war that continues to claim the lives of the multitudes and destroying infrastructure?

From the outset, methinks the reason is not hard to find. None of the victims in the Russia-Ukraine war are Americans or Europeans. Had the US, EU and Nato been counting the return of their loved one’s from the war zone in body bags, I am certain that diplomatic efforts to bring a halt to a devastating war (all wars are devastating), would have long been accentuated.

Washington’s unprecedented financial and military support for Ukraine raises more questions than answers. It lies at the centre of Europe’s sudden amendment to their immigration laws that creates a special dispensation exclusively for Ukrainians.

There is a school of thought that believes Washington’s new policy to baby-sit Ukraine emanates from a time when President Joe Biden was Vice-president to former President Barrack Obama. Then, President Joe Biden was embroiled in a long-running saga of suspected corrupt activities when he stopped loan guarantees to Ukraine. At issue was Washington’s demand that a prosecutor in the matter involving President Biden’s son, Hunter, had to be sacked on allegations that he was too corrupt and reluctant to prosecute certain companies and oligarchs. Due to unbearable pressure, prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired. Conspiracy theorists claimed that Shokin was sacked because he was determined to bring before the courts a case involving Ukrainian gas company Burisma, which allegedly had President Biden’s son Hunter on its payroll. The US intelligence community later said it had found the allegations against the Biden’s to be utterly false, and were made in order to minimise success chances for Biden (snr) in the March 2020 presidential elections.

Since the Ukraine war broke out on February 24, a barrage of punitive economic sanctions has been unleashed against Moscow by Washington and her allies in the EU and Nato. Retaliatory steps had seen Moscow expel dozens of diplomats assumed to represent unfriendly States. Russian oil and gas is now sold only in Rubbles – take it or leave it – in a move Russia appear to have adopted amidst the worst diplomatic fallout since the end of World War 2 in 1945.

The most questionable aspect of the Western sanctions against Moscow is the targeting of the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally. The US-led sanctions have been spread out around President Putin as if to suggest the Russian leader has stacks of wealth in the custody of European and American banks. No wonder the Kremlin has laughed off scenarios of “personal punishment” to President Putin as a gimmick. There is no “Putin wealth” frozen by the West. 

In return, Moscow has hit back through various means including declaring US Vice-President Kamala Harris a persona-non-grata in the Russian Federation.

And as the war enters a third month, the Biden administration keeps on ramping up hostilities against Moscow by elevating the West’s proxy war against Russia that is evidently been fought using the territory of Ukraine.

Periodically, only the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s voice is the lone one in calling for peace talks directly between the leaders of the two warring nations.

Behind the scenes, no doubt, the West is actively involved in advising Ukraine on what steps to take. Kyiv has all but become a tool in a greater scheme of military warfare. This is a game the West does not mind to play ad nauseam. As I pointed out in the beginning, had any among the EU, Nato or US been counting their nationals among the fatalities from the war, negotiations aimed at ending the war would be a top priority.

But it is an end-game puzzle to figure out for the beleaguered President Zelensky and his administration. For how long they are going to allow their country to be used as a pawn in a war that really is a continuation of the Cold War only now fought in the open, is up to them and no one else.

Throughout all major wars – World War 1 and World War 2 – the Europeans were the biggest casualties because the machine guns and bombs were exploding on their door-step. Geographically, the US is far away from physical conflict, and therefore out of harm’s way. That, in my view, is why Washington can afford to play Russian Roulette with European lives.

The US has grown too powerful within Nato that they have convinced Europe to cancel their gas and oil contracts to purchase the goods from the nearby Russia. Instead, for some unfathomable reasons Europe – working hard to paint a picture of unity against Russia – has agreed to buy gas all the way from the US, inevitably at higher costs.

This is good business for the Biden administration. Their ailing economy will pick up in time for the mid-term elections that threatens the dominance of the Democrats in Congress. Their Military Industrial Complex (MIC), a very strong lobby group in US politics, is smiling all the way to the bank following the rising demand for US weapons in wars fought far away from their door-step.

Nato’s strategic approach to the Ukraine conflict is also baffling. On the one hand, they claim to want an end to the war, yet simultaneously they elect to pump weapons into Ukraine, thereby practically prolonging the war.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has repeatedly claimed that it has no interest in getting involved in the Ukraine war, unless any of their member-state is attacked. In case of an attack on a member-state Nato threatens to invoke Article 5, which refers to “an attack on one is an attack on all”.

But Russia, which claims to have focused on selective strategic targets involving Ukrainian military installation and related industries, threatens to move their military activities into a higher gear if it can prove that any of the Nato countries is involved in the battle ground.

The UN secretary-General Antonio Guterres this week flew into the region to hold talks with President Zelensky after his initial high-level meeting with the Kremlin.

Hopefully, only through the UN can the world witness the power of true multilateralism and its benefits, which is consensus-driven. A unipolar world order led by the US, Nato and their allies in pursuit of their narrow geopolitical objectives is a major threat to international peace and stability.